About Provider Mastermind

This Provider Mastermind website spent many years as an idea without a solution.

I knew that there were people like you, working for all types of training providers, that needed help, advice and ideas with everything from marketing and employer engagement to business development (and a lot of other areas). I’d written extensively for a handful of specialist FHE magazines & websites and ran a full time consultancy helping some of these people, but more was needed.

Then a good friend of mine invited me to join him in a Mastermind group. It was small but growing and now has members in the UK, Israel, US, Canada, Australia and NZ. Today that group continues to grow and we share huge amounts of advice and ideas that drives our businesses forward. Several of these guys ran membership sites that were very successful and had thousands of members worldwide. My ambition was smaller, I only wanted to target the UK initially and my topic was quite focused around education and training. So, Provider Mastermind was born.

The other difference is that ProviderMastermind is free to use.

With over 30 years of practical experience there are few things I haven’t been asked previously and, even if I don’t have an instant answer, I often know were to find it.

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