A Bot Advantage Most Managers Miss

Bot Advantage: Bots Often Confer Advantages Beyond The Obvious; Provided You Are SBot advantage: Bots Do more than answer questions. mart

Sometimes the advantage a bot can provide isn’t totally obvious. But here is an example of where a website shopping cart problem was spotted well before it would have otherwise been seen. 

I monitor the bot on several of my clients’ websites. Every time someone posts an question it pops up in the corner of my screen. I can see the question and frankly ignore most of them. I leave the client’s staff to answer them.

But each morning I scan through the questions that have come in overnight. It takes 3-5 minutes and helps me understand the clients and their customers.

Bot Advantage & Shopping Cart Problems 

This morning someone had a problem with the shopping cart payment system. The client wasn’t yet open for business but I was able to warn the managers before the office opened. They chased it and resolved the issue before the nominated person started answering overnight questions.

The thing is bots don’t just answer questions and save a lot of time, money and stress. They also provide loads of data in real time and allow you to solve problems before they have a real and lasting impact. But you need to understand the bot and what it can do and provide if you are to use it smartly. For example it can improve website design .. and I’ll explain that another day.

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